Comparison of Shared and VPS Web Hosting

shared and vps

Shared and VPS web hosting are the techniques used in website hosting and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. VPS (virtual private server) is a new technique in web hosting while shared web hosting is in use for several years now.

In shared web hosting, websites share the resources of a single web server, but in VPS web-hosting, a website is given a single virtual server that is not used by any other website. All the resources of private virtual servers are used by a single website.

Shared website hosting and virtual private web hosting are both commonly used these days. Shared web hosting is used mostly by business and personal websites but VPS website hosting is especially designed for business websites which requires more storage space and efficient use of server resources.

Some of the differences between these two web hosting techniques are mentioned below:


shared and vpsVirtual private servers are more reliable as compared to shared servers. Virtual servers are used only by one website, so they are only serving one host while in shared website hosting; a server is serving multiple hosts.

Also, VPS web hosting offers a better uptime as compared to shared web hosting. These things make VPS website hosting more reliable as compared to shared web hosting.

Security and storage

With virtual private server web hosting, you can have web space according to your needs and mostly more storage is required while upgrading a website.
Different security techniques are implemented in virtual servers and they offer best possible security to a website against all kinds of hackers and squatters.

The storage is also at the host end, so it is easy to secure your data. In shared hosting, there are more security risks because all the resources of the server are shared by multiple websites. Different techniques to keep websites safe are used in these servers but still there are more prone to hacker attacks.

Compatibility Issues

In shared, there are many compatibility issues when you want to install scripts or make certain changes to your site.

These compatibility issues are not present in virtual private server because you can install any software, as the complete server is dedicated to your website.


Bandwidth is of extreme importance when it comes to website hosting.
In shared web hosting, less bandwidth is provided but in virtual private server web hosting, large bandwidth is provided so that you can accommodate more traffic to your website.

In short, virtual private server web hosting is a better method because it offers all the benefits that are required by the customers for website management.

If you have a website and you are thinking of a hosting platform, VPS web hosting makes the right choice.

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