Facebook Canvas, a new tool for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

The contents, you have to work on contents! And this is the strategy of inbound marketing: get visibility through a natural interest of the people. But how do you create an effective content marketing strategy? We are going to analyze the opportunities given by Facebook Canvas tool.


Since 2006, the inbound marketing was the most effective method to make online business. Unlike the outbound marketing system, which provides for the purchase of banner ads, email lists, potential contacts, with the Inbound Marketing we focus in creating quality content to attract the interest of people towards their products/services.

Aligning the contents that you publish with the interests of customers, in a natural way you can attract visitor traffic at your site to convert them into customers and delight them forever.


Creating content specifically designed to respond to the desires of your customers, you can also capture the interest of those who do not know you yet, or potential customers that finding your quality content, will be interested to read them and to return to your site over time.

What to do ?

  • Create and diversify the content: you have to create content designed to answer the questions and needs of the client, so diversify and share anywhere in the network.
  • Provide an action for each stage of marketing (product orientation, sales orientation, customer orientation, market-driven management).
  • Study your audience and define your target. The study activities to create a good reflection on the public is based on a set of qualitative and quantitative data (Google Analytics, Google searches for clients, social discussions and forums).
  • Determine and optimize your business goals: choose where you want to go, and describe it as much as possible. Then tries to point out and improve.
  • Engage your audience: once established your strategic objective and determined your ideal target, you will certainly be easier to understand how to involve and how to bring it to reading and to an interaction with your content which can then turn into conversion.
  • Measuring results.

So those who work with the inbound marketing know: advertising is an indispensable channel to intercept the right people.
Objective? To be found by potential customers when they need you. In this process it is important to focus on the contents that meet the needs, but also on advertising. In this path take part Facebook Canvas, a new way of thinking about advertising.
The basis of this decision is a careful analysis of the data related to user habits.

What is the future of the web? How does it move the user experience? What are people searching for? Smartphone penetration is increasing and is suitable for use of new codes of digital communication: a large screen, excellent resolutions, processors capable of crunching data with a new speed.

The web is moving and old advertisements do not work, as well as do not work banner ads, notifications, pop-ups that invade the scene. Let’s find out together what it is.


inbound marketing - facebook canvas

With almost a billion users every day to access Facebook from a phone, it is no wonder if the new advertising media of Menlo Park is tailor-made for the smartphone: Canvas, now available worldwide, enables companies to create no additional cost advertising interactive full-screen (immersive), capturing the attention of Facebook users like never before.

Immersive experience called because when the user clicks on the content – which apparently looks like a link, with preview and caption – the post is opened across the screen, leaving you free to browse through videos and photos as if it is the page of a site. The difference is that the canvas is much faster to load and enable an immersive navigation offering different types of multimedia content to interact with. We are talking about new content that anyone who wants to do marketing on Facebook must learn to understand, create, and use!

In fact the main objective of Facebook Canvas is giving advertisers a tool to do business storytelling, or to tell about the brand or product through text, video and imagine: each code becomes useful to transform the advertising in the narrative.

But how does a Facebook Canvas work exactly?

A bit like going on for Instant Articles, Articles viewable instantly within the app of Facebook, just a tap to find themselves catapulted in the experience full-screen advertising.

Inside a canvas you can move vertically or horizontally, browse the galleries, watch videos and click links, all at the touch of a finger. The canvas consists of a header, a text block, a button with a link inside, a carousel of images, a product catalog, one or more videos.

But the photos are the real strength in user involvement, because in addition to the classic static mode, there are two display options that allow us to interact with the content, which are:

  • Tap to expand – which allows you to fit a picture to the width of the screen and allows its displays to zoom in or out to its original size by simply placing and using your fingers on the screen.
  • Inclines for the panoramic display – which allows you to quickly edit the image to the screen of the person who displays and allows you to see the parts of the image that extend beyond the width of the screen by rotating the device to the left or right.

And now it’s your turn! Give more visibility to your website on Facebook!

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