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Are you wondering how is important to having a corporate blog? In this article you will find the answer to your question! And some tips for getting your blog to success!


A blog is a website where you publish information about a particular issue, you can discuss the main innovations, or concerns, ask for help or advice, and actively participates in a community that you feel congenial to your interests.

corporate blogThe blog is created for the relevant structure and content, but the community, the real added value, is activated independently, more or less quickly, depending on the discussion stimulus that articles and site content offer.

The blog is characterized by a chronological sequence of articles published by one or more authors in a more or less professional and regular shape.

The blog is always a job opportunity for many professionals and a key requirement for companies who want greater visibility on the web.

All this is based on the fact that what is said online is more reliable as it is in real time.

How many times you hear people say, “I read on the internet…“, “I asked on a forum…”, on a site they said …“: now before we make a purchase, a trip, or make a decision, we are looking for “what is said” in the network.

Why then bring all this into a business reality?


The blog, unlike a web site was created to allow anyone to share informations in a simple way and with good regularity.

Then you can begin to write more articles per week, becoming an excellent source of content for the search engines like Google, which surely will take into account, for the better.

Just this fresh content will be transformed into a possible improvement of the positioning in the SERPs (the search results) and then your articles will be clicked by multiple users!

If you think a post as a gateway to your blog, the more content you create (if positioned well, it’s even better), and you will have more access doors, raising the possibility of receiving new visits. Then you’ll also have a passive income!

corporate blog

But first things first and see why it is important to have a blog!



You must know that the blog is a powerful web-marketing tool, but involves a different approach from all the marketing activities undertaken today by your company.

This is because it is an open door to your world, in your products or services, this can generate a benefit in terms of reviews, shares, comments, but of course this can happen also in the negative.

Here, then, for what reasons a company blog becomes indispensable.

  1. Visits and indexing

So that your site can get results in terms of visits and conversions purchase is necessary to arrive at the site of potential customers who are probably looking for a solution to their problem and you have that solution.

Their solution becomes an article of your blog!

  1. To introduce the product to your customers

The blog will help to explain how or what you produce in time, with how much dedication you do your job or as structured and controlled process behind the production of what you sell. This is important for the customer, makes him participant, he becomes important!

  1. Definition of the target

A blog that works good is a counseling center and a good report of analysis that allows the company to make changes in the running of products, services, support etc … and allows to learn more about their client / type.

This activity is extremely important, especially as it is understood the target audience by giving it a specific connotation, the more communication and marketing activities will be performing because they measure!

  1. Branding

Branding is the one activity that allows you to develop your own brand, your own company to make it recognizable through marketing activities in order to increase the value perceived by the customer to your business and your products / services.

The blog helps in this because it can afford to tell your story, to humanize your company and be able to make a sincere depth about yourself and about your products / services, seeking to make the most emotional part and less of that technique, it will certainly already explained exhaustively in the website.

  1. Newsletter subscription

With the blog you can get more newsletter subscriptions, so you can have a direct contact with each user, so they should be loyal to your product.

  1. New potential clients

The blog is one of the largest web-marketing tools used to generate flows of visitors who may be potential customers.

It’s a continuous work that has a cost not in monetary terms, but in terms of time. It needs continuity, ideas, creativity and a bit of cunning to find the topic, with less competitiveness and more interest!


  • How to find a niche for your blog

You must decide what will talk about your blog.

From cooking recipes vegan to alternatives tourist destinations, from sports to online trading: identifies a niche not yet inflated, in which you can grow and achieve success. In look, keep in mind these six basic rules:

  • Must be a niche you’re passionate about and / or for you feed a genuine interest.
  • Choose a field in which you can consider yourself an expert and in which you have developed an experience that can add value to your blog.
  • Each website serves a target, so you must select a topic that is useful to a large number of people.
  • Avoid fads. In ten years, your blog will still be present.
  • This niche has to present to possible collaborations with other blogs and websites.


  • Content Search

You have to analyze each niche and understand what is the potential that it hides.

Search the contents that treat and analyze the existing competition in that field. This is the best way to get an idea of what content you publish and if there is indeed space for you, with a margin for improvement through which you can beat your future opponents.

  • Searching for Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is to have visibility on search engines. This means the “survival” for your blog, the essential aspect to never forget.

Use Google AdWords and Google Trends to seek the most important keywords for each of your niches. In doing so, also you can controls those used by competing sites.

  • Choose the name for your blog

The name is a very important business card, which works as a catalyst for users interested in your topic. For this, make sure it is as short as possible, easy to remember, read and pronounce, and appealing to your target.

He tries to be smart in your choice, opting for a name that is able to make people understand who you are without being cryptic, but at the same time raise up interest and curiosity.

  • Optimize the SEO of your blog

To create a blog and take it to the success it is crucial to spend time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing for search engines). The optimization of a website, now, is what makes the Web, pleasing Google.

  • Share on social

It must make viral article, getting social sharing.

If you want to create a popular blog, you can use all the tools at your disposal, from Facebook to your newsletter. You can also share your own article in response to a problem (Yahoo Answers), or to a different article.

  • Create a newsletter

The newsletter can be a very useful tool to communicate with your users directly knocking on their door.

That’s why you have to create a mailing list as broad as possible. More contacts you have, the more people will receive your message and will be updated about your business.

Setting it well, your newsletter will prove a valuable ally, able to increase both the traffic on your blog that your reputation.

You have already made your own blog or you’re going to achieve it? Share your experience by leaving a comment.

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