Is better to make a website with Web Agency or Site Builder?

Web Agency or Site Builder

The realization of a website may seem simple for a design guru, but is better web agency or site builder? It is difficult to decide this.

For some time now it is clear that investing on the internet is one of the few ways to promote or improve the fortunes of companies in difficulty.

siti web One of the first moves to be made is to create a good website. Your website, or that of your company, in fact, is the visiting card by which you, or your business, you present to potential customers, so the choice of creating a website must be done with due care.

So the small business owner who understands that the Internet provides an opportunity as an alternative to traditional sales methods, is often, faced with the question: “Who to contact for the realization of my business website?”. On the Web, the offer is huge: from the site handmade to freelance, up to the web agency and all this causes confusion in who has to make a choice.

The web agency solution

The first option that comes to mind for the construction of a website is to contact a web design company, the so-called web agency. They work by assembling the work of a group of professionals in different areas of web design and development of the code, in order to effectively meet different market needs.


Web agencies offer the best options for the design of a quality site, their experience in dealing with many customers, it is a guarantee. Certainly the cost of a project carried out with a web agency can be higher relative to other options, but also the quality of the result will be proportional to the economic effort sustained.


  • Usually the service is turnkey:you do not have to do almost nothing and rely only your provider who will take care of everything.
  • Precision and accuracy of the details: you can customize almost anything, obviously in relation to the budget.
  • After Sales support.


  • The cost: it can vary considerably from a few hundred to several thousand euro. It depends on your needs and budget.
  • Other things being equal conditions the human factor is critical and depends very much on who you trust.
  • You still have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, otherwise the risk is to not reach the goal.
  • It depends on third parties for any form of structural upgrading, and sometimes are additional costs.

The Site Builder

One of the easiest and less expensive methods for the realization of a web site is to use those software online that will lead you to the creation of the web site, step by step, in an automatic way.
The software allows anyone the realization of excellent websites. Designed with user friendly features that ensure streamlined processes and excellent results, the software will allow you to choose some of the details of your site, such as color drawings, page layout, and, based on these choices, the system will build your own website. A key advantage of this approach is that you do not need to have technical know-how, such as HTML, PHP or even graphic design, to build a high quality website.

The other advantage is the low price. Often, however, the result shows us that we cannot accomplish the customizations we need, and so it is better to use a web designer.


  • It’s free! And sometimes it is really at no cost!
  • Learn how to take advantage on your web space.
  • It’s funny and often it is relatively simple and manageable by anyone and satisfies your creative side.
  • Choose any detail and you’ll find a way to solve any problem, getting in touch with other developers.
  • The site is one of your creatures, to 100% and it is very satisfying being able to remark it with other people!


  • You need to have time to be used, even if it is just a few minutes.
  • It is not immediately connect the result you want to achieve with the right tools to do it.
  • Limited capability and that not always satisfying your needs.

How to choose the best solution for your  website.

Having said that, how to choose the solution that best suits your needs?
Simple, by asking some key questions like:

  • Am i able to independently carry out my website?
  • Do I know someone who can give me a help to install, configure and manage my website?
  • Have I a (good) budget that allows me to buy the site from professionals (web agency or freelance, it does not matter)?
  • How is important to have on my side the complete control of the site and content?

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