The ranking of the domains most expensive in the world!

domains most expensive

26A website can be a simple thing to set up, but there are domains most expensive. The choise for your page or for your business can be difficult if you are doing it based on web addresses that are not already known.

Often choosing the right domain is not easy: choose original words or phrases to compose it; choose a name that manages to make the domain unique and unmistakable; choose the right extension; choose a simple name to find and to write, to remember; avoid copying an existing domain.

It’s no wonder that all the best domains are already taken! But, how much people are willing to spend just to buy them?

The ranking of the most expensive domains of recent times.

10. – $1,500,000 The winner, Mr. Solares (CEO of, wasted no time pointing $ 1.5 million, making this domain the first to be sold in a live auction (2006).

9. – $1,760,000 A huge spending of money for Travelzoo, which in 2009 was awarded the domain

8. – $3,850,000 Yellow Pages was the line of Google. During the renovation of the business in 2008, AT & T needed a new name to show that everything was changed. So they bought at auction for the renewal of its brand.

7. – $4,900,000 When Amazon acquired in 2009, it was revealed that it had bought the year before for a staggering. This domain redirects indeed their web store of the clothing line.

6. and – $5,000,000 is the most expensive national domain, and was purchased in January 2000 for $ 5 million. on the other hand was purchased for the same amount from the venture capital firm WashingtonVC in 2007.

5. and – $5,500,000 Limited Operates from Gibraltar Mansion and hosts several online games. Has Been that great domain, Which Has probably the its investment repaid many times over. The domain in 2010 was sold by Moniker and now it is managed Directly by the new owner Bodog, an online gambling site.

4. – $7,000,000 Sold in 2004 for $ 7 million to Interbrew by Andrew Miller and Michael “Zappy” Zapolin one year after they had purchased for $ 80,000. But if you were hoping to make a visit as devotees of hops, you’ll be attacked by a big disappointment. Today the site is nothing more than a blank page.

3. – $8,500,000 Facebook has acquired the domain name by the American Farm Bureau Federation, which used as its primary domain. It’s also used as the domain for the email addresses of Facebook employees as “@” addresses that are available to the public.

2. – $13,000,000 Not surprisingly, is one of the most expensive purchases of domains of all time, with a huge amount of traffic. The history of began in 1994 when Gary Kremen, founder of, reported for the first time In 1995 he moved to Network Solutions, but soon after he’s seized in an illegal manner a man named Stephen M. Cohen, who was able to obtain ownership of the domain falsifying letters and faxes. Kremen has called Cohen to court and after five years of legal battle has taken over the domain to obtain a compensation of $ 40 million for lost earnings. Kremen sold the domain to Escom in 2006 for $ 11.5 million and was then sold in 2010 for $ 13 million to Clover Holdings.

domains most expensive

1. – $35,000,000 The domain is the most expensive of all, purchased in 2007! The figure was given by the new owner Brian Sharples, founder of HomeAway, to prevent Expedia get it.  

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