Tips to Protect Your Website From Cyber Squatting

cyber squatting

To safeguard your business, name and brand from this risk, it is important to understand to about Cyber squatting first. So if you are running business and have your website, it’s not sufficient to simply surveillance your network for viruses.
A more creepy risk may already be skulking on the web, waiting to take your hard-earned status and name – the cybersquatter.

What is all about Cyber squatting?

Cyber squatting is the misuse of a company name, brand and image through the use of domain names. It exactly indicates burglary your business characteristics or name to make instant money.

Normally, it takes place when domain names are purchased that use the names of existing well-reputed companies. The obvious intention behind this is to make profit from the well-merited goodwill of a corporation.

How Cyber squatting takes place?

cyber squattingThere are a lot of methods through which Cybersquatting can be accomplished.

In general, a company name is registered and burglars attempt to sell it an overblown cost to earn money – that is not officially permitted.

Some registrars are also involved in Cybersquatting. They track the domain investigation and set aside them if the client does not buy it immediately.

When the same clients visit them to acquire the same domain name, the registrars pretend that domain name is not accessible now. In such cases they sell the domain at maximum prices – that is obviously not legal. Moreover, some business persons use Cybersquatting to harm their competitors by damaging their reputation and brand name in the market.

They misuse the brand and domain name of the company and try to cut the clients of their competitors.

Protection against Cyber squatting

When you are intended to buy a domain name, you should understand the concept of Cybersquatting. It is crucial to check whether the domain name you want to buy is associated with a website or not. If you find the domain name results associated to a website under construction or for sale, it means you have become a fatality of Cybersquatting.

But, if there is no website associated with the domain, you are lucky. You can purchase that domain name. In order to run your online business successfully, it is imperative to have a registered brand. Make sure your domain name is legally registered with the government. Another way to maintain and protect your brand name, and goodwill of your company is to own different variation of your domain (for example .net and .com, etc.). This way, you can avoid the risk of Cybersquatting.

With proper knowledge and understanding, your business can be protected from hazard of Cybersquatting. There are countless ways to avoid Cybersquatter; we have discussed a few common ways here. Your domain name is much more than just your company’s online address.

Take proper care of you domain and run your business successfully. Register it from us