How to advertise a Web Site?

advertise a web site
    To advertise a web site allows the growth of rates more and more interesting.
    To create a web site that does not reach its intended users is useless.


      An online advertising campaign is a set of advertising actions according to marketing objectives and business addressed to its customers and potential customers through the Internet channel. The Online Advertising Campaigns are thus a form of promotion that uses the Internet to send advertising messages aimed at attracting customers.

Examples of Online Advertising Campaigns are:

Advertising campaigns on search engines

      These are well known, almost certainly you know the advertising system proposed by Google, that is Google AdWords. In general, this type of campaigns allows you to show the ad to your website, search engines or directly on the sites of the Publisher.

Campaigns with banners

      This type of campaigns involves the use of banners, which are images that can be included in other sites. This type of campaign is through direct agreement between Webmaster or by agencies specializing in brokerage.

Campaign on social networks

      Even this type of campaigns are very useful, especially those made on Facebook (Facebook ADS). Typically, this type of ads can be well directed to a specific target, which makes them very versatile campaigns for any type of online business.

Campaigns with email marketing

      Although email marketing has some aspects that can be related advertising, despite the creation of a list requires expertise wide web marketing. These campaigns are characterized sending email messages that invite the reader to visit the related link.
      This type of campaign is very useful, but as users have become particularly sensitive to spam, it is crucial to propose services extremely relevant to the list in question.

Viral advertising campaigns

Campaigns are usually created with video or images that can in a short time to be seen by many users and thus generate a viral product. This is a powerful tool that often fails to attract a large number of views and conversions.

These are then created and banner ads containing keywords or phrases related to the business establishment; these are published on sites relevant to the activity and when a user performs a search with the keywords that have been specified, the ad will go at the search results.

advertise a web site


      Online advertising is easily measured and allows to get feedback on tangible results brought. Therefore it allows to improve and optimize their strategies on scientific data compared to traditional media.
      Also among the main advantages of advertising on the web is the immediacy, in fact, the publication of your advertising is immediate and easy.
      Another advantage, just as important, is the lack of both geographical and temporal limitations. Mention of economic convenience, the return on investment is very high, the customization possibilities of online campaigns that can be built “to measure” according to the needs and objectives of the companies.


  1. Initial Analysis to define the advertising strategy;
  2. Identification of premium sites, ad networks, online resources for advertising purposes;
  3. Definition of the marketing plan and advertising campaign;
  4. Planning and buying online media;
  5. Study and creation of creativity for the web and for advertising campaigns adhering to standard IAB;
  6. Implementation of advertising campaigns on search engines;
  7. Optimization campaigns in terms of conversions, costs and return on investment;
  8. Analysis of the performance and results.


advertise a web site

      The advertising market has to change into new forms of advertising more cheaper and efficient, but to do that businesses and entrepreneurs must become aware and especially they must be able to effectively use these tools!


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