How to become hosting reseller

become hosting reseller

A Reseller Program, which allows you to become hosting reseller offering services to your customers, with your brand, and especially with a good margin on individual solutions, it’s what ask most of the web agencies and professionals.

Obviously their goal is to be able to concentrate on the core business of the company, or in other cases to work on marketing, letting their partner to follow the rest.

The Reseller Program

Be Hosting Reseller allows you to purchase web space and related services, at affordable prices to resale to their customers. The price is certainly the biggest benefit for the reseller program hosting, even for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business.

become hosting resellerIt is a relatively low risk investment, with startup costs limited.

This program allows you to resell the services in white-label, or hiding the real supplier: the company that becomes a partner offers the opportunity to register domains, web hosting services, email services and dedicated in complete autonomy to its customer.
But at the same time must be able to handle everything in a system dedicated to her: web infrastructure, investments to modernize the hardware and the issues related to the configuration of the system continue to be borne by the partner providing services such as ISP.

Our plan for a hosting reseller

For more than twelve years 7Host provides worldwide hosting services, collaborating with managers and entrepreneurs who know the cost and effort required to install, maintain and keep updated in efficient way its own infrastructure.

Thousands of companies delegate with trust to 7Host these tasks, freeing up valuable financial and human resources for the production of goods, ideas and services.

become hosting reseller

Today 7Host offers the opportunity to become a partner, reselling to third parties related services to virtual desktops, cloud last generation, continuity of systems, backup and data security, putting in service the qualified assistance of their staff for free.
Become a top dealer for 7Host is a fast paced and with immediate feedback.

You start by enrolling in the program with 100 points given away immediately, and for every euro spent earns one more point.
Hosting and VPS are worth double. With these points you fall into those that are the discount levels provided (Topaz – Ruby – Emerald – Diamond) and you are entitled to discounts of up to 50% on products purchased from 7Host later.
We will take three checkpoints a year (May 1, September 1 and January 1) to take stock of the situation and choose to continue to run for the climb to the top or take your time.

become hosting resellerBecome part of 7Host great team, it takes a few minutes and a few clicks: Fill out the form by following all the instructions by clicking on Become a Reseller (in case of difficulty, please contact our mail adress

You will instantly receive 100 points that you already come near to the second level.
Everything else will be your talent and our satisfaction!

What are you waiting for? Become our partner and deploy cloud services!