How to choose the best domain name?

best domain name

To choose the best domain name is quite simple!

As is well known, until recently the gTLD (acronym for general Top Level Domain) were limited to a few solutions.
The .com extension was dedicated to commercial activities,. net for those who wanted to dedicate network aspect, but the choice was limited.
Now, however, you can buy new custom domains, that are words and not just symbols. Here are some examples: .computer, .email, .Room, .photos, .gallery, .tips, .blog

best domain nameIt seems impossible, right? Yet all of these terms are available as a gTLD.

That is the acronym that closes the address of your website, one of the key points of your strategy.

Because, you know, the choice of the domain is essential when you start a new adventure online.
In fact, what do your customers when they recommend the website to a friend? Mark the URL. What do people do when they read the data returned by the search engine? Read also the domain of your website.

And now such a wide choice of gTLDs may be decisive to introduce yourself in the best way possible.


When you are dealing with the registration of a domain name, it is good to keep in mind a few little tricks that can help significantly in the positioning of the website.

For it to generate a web product valid and well indexed by the search engines, you must, in fact, implement the SEO techniques for choosing the right extension.

An important aspect to consider is having the choice of the gTLD.
The domain extension helps in the localization of search queries.

Therefore, according to that for which reference is made, choose the appropriate extension.
For example if you have a pizzeria choose to register your domain with the extension .PIZZA.

So one of the advantages is the possibility to represent in the best way possible your business.
Are you a photographer? The domain .photos is for you. Want to start a blog for your business? Book .blog and you are already online.
It’s this the main force of this new feature: the ability to enter the heart of your business from the few letters of the web.

This way you can work on your brand, you introduce yourself as well as possible in the eyes of customers.
To having a domain that describes your online and offline activities is a good thing, but every action that revolves around your project online (hence the choice of the new extensions) must always be evaluated and studied carefully.

To register a new gTLD is also a matter of marketing. First it is necessary to analyze the marketing opportunities that new extensions offer to business that decide to associate its activities to a domain activated with one of the new extensions.
In fact, the new gTLD offer communicability of which greatly improves the marketing activities, in all areas and not just online.

best domain name

With the new gTLDs, the extension becomes part of the domain and allows you to record exclusive domain names, whose creativity is not limited by the small size of the gTLD to now made available.
Finally, always from the perspective of marketing, choose a new gTLD could help diversify areas of activity of the same business.

Register a new gTLD is also a question of brand protection online. The logo and name in the brand’s own assets represent their business and that is why it is right to protect them from the competition.

The use of gTLD with the registration of suitable domain names will help protect their online reputation, its presence on the Web and thus improving the competitiveness of the brand and the availability in the collective imagination of potential customers.

Finally register a new gTLD is a matter of rank. The gTLD become part of the domain name and specify more precisely the scope of activities or meaning, consequently improves the site’s ranking in search results, as long as the content of Web pages on the domain are attested directly correlated in terms of SEO to the new gTLD extension chosen.


The arrival of the new gTLDs has opened a new front in the world of domains and large companies are running for cover.
And this is the first point to be analyzed, that is if it is the case or not to invest time and resources in this area.

Maybe users expect to find a classic or .com, maybe people would not be able to understand the choice of this new address and would struggle to pronounce it, to write it, to remember it.
So the fundamental characteristics of an address are simplicity, clarity, readability. So like many other things in a marketing strategy, even the new domains need to be evaluated carefully.

International companies purchase large quantities of domains to secure their brand by cybersquatting.
The new domains, however, can especially help. They can give an edge to your brand. On one condition: that they are chosen carefully, keeping in mind primarily the needs of those you seek.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience ever.

So what are you waiting for? Register your new domain extension from us!