How to defend your Internet Brand?

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There are so many threats that protecting your company’s internet brand has now become a real issue. The internet is not a safe place to do business anymore.

Those who are new to internet marketing and online branding often struggle to cope with the demands. These are the businesses that are most at risk of losing their internet brand image.
Everything from malware, spyware, viruses and hackers can affect your company’s online presence and performance. If you don’t have a proper protection plan in place you are most likely to suffer and lose your brand’s value. According to industry experts however it is still very much possible to protect your brand’s image.

Here are a few top security tips to help you out.


When you enter the online business industry it is imperative that you take all the possible legal measures to protect your brand. To start off you should trademark your brand. Having a registered trademark will ensure that your brand is protected against illegal use.


If you want to make sure that none of the data from your website is misused you should put a clear copyright message on each page.

The copyright will ensure that all your published documents are protected by law.
In case of a legal issue you won’t be held responsible.
If you find that someone is misusing your content you can sue them in court.


If there is downloadable content on your website make sure that is protected by logos. Anything users download should not be published again without your permission.
If your brand’s logo is present on the downloaded content no one will be able make use of it without you knowing about it.

Protect Your Domain

Domain name hijacking is very common these days in the online business industry. Businesses with a weak online presence are most vulnerable.
If your domain isn’t locked by the domain registrar then it can be hijacked and altered. If you want to block unauthorized users from accessing your domain name then you must use the necessary security tools.


There are a lot of computer hackers out there who won’t need a reason to attack your online brand. If your webpage is hacked the hackers can seriously damage your reputation and disrupt the operations of your business. To avoid such a nasty situation you should look to take precautionary measures.

Generally hackers can crack codes and find passwords to your server if it’s too simple. A server password should always be complex and not something that anyone can easily figure out. You should also use strict protective measures for credit card payments so that your customers don’t lose their money.


Brand protection is an important part of the overall brand building process. If you truly care about the internet safety of your brand you should immediately take all the necessary measures and secure your website.
These tips will surely prove to be very helpful if you implement them and use them in a proper systematic manner.