What is Cloud VPS?

cloud vps

16Cloud VPS is also known as cloud computing and it is used for providing different hosting services to websites.
It is advancement in the field of web hosting and it is more efficient as compared to the traditional web hosting technique.
As you can get an idea from its name it is not physical, it is virtual that has no physical appearance.
It is also referred to cloud computing technique which is now implemented in many parts of the world.

In cloud VPS, the companies that provide this service also offer flexibility in disk storage, bandwidth and memory for your website. The uptime that is offered in cloud VPS is always greater than other website hosting techniques.

Some of the advantages of cloud virtual private server are mentioned below:


In cloud VPS, a physical server is divided into small clusters that are virtual. Different users share this server but in clusters form.

A specific user uses the bandwidth, memory, and space of this cluster is reserved only for him. Therefore, you can get excellent uptime and an effective control over traffic.


cloud vps

Cloud virtual private server is also more secure as compared to traditional servers. As in this technique server is virtual, so it is not easy to access this virtual device and also it is made secure by using different data encryption techniques and passwords.

Dedicated Resources and Flexibility

Another advantage of using cloud server is that it provides dedicated central unit processing and dedicated memory.
This helps in processing your website quickly and if there is a need to make any changes to your server you can do it in no time.


Virtualization in cloud server enables to launch any new server instantly. You can also store your sensitive data on this server easily because entire storage is present on host server. Cloud virtual private server also offers different types of virtual back-ups that can store a large amount of data.

This data can be used in case of any unexpected malfunctions like failure of server or attack of any hacker.


Cloud virtual private server is used by many large companies for hosting their websites as it is expensive and everyone cannot afford it. It is used by business websites where data is in large amount and the server has to manage a lot of traffic.

Because cloud virtual private servers offer maximum bandwidth, it helps in accommodating more visitors.

Customer Support

Customer support is another advantage of cloud VPS, as customers pay a lot of money for hosting their websites on this server, so the hosting company also provides quality customer service to its users.

Mostly, nothing goes wrong in this type of server but if something bad happens than customer support is offered 24/7. In short, if you compare cloud VPS with traditional approach of web hosting then cloud servers offer the best hosting in the world.

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