What is Web Marketing?

web marketing

The web marketing is a marketing activity that takes advantage of the online channel to study the market and to develop trade relations (promotion / advertising, distribution, sales, customer service, etc.).
Usually the web marketing activities translate into first place with the publication of a project, then in the creation of a website and its promotion, in this way the company oversees the web channel attracting visitors interested in their products / services.

The strategy behind a project of web marketing is to get to the site maximum visibility.

Therefore consistent with the objective, the main tactic is to bring your website to the first places in the results pages of a search engine in order to make them more visible than those of competitors, and therefore preferable.



  • Optimization
  • Positioning
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay per click, or payment per click
  • Banner Campaign
  • Affiliate Program
  • Mentioning

Falls within the competence of web marketing each action plans that has as its purpose the return on investment (ROI) of a project online.
The action is to developed through the design of a project, the coordination of its implementation, the analysis of the results, the management of what follows the implementation, his promotion and management of the public reaction (feedback).


Belongs to the web marketing plan also the activity of changing the perception of a brand or of a service thanks to strategies of interaction with users and the market.
Each project (with objectives) thought for the network must be coordinated by a web marketing plan.

The Web Marketing is so the on-line tool to generate visits and then income on the web. The goal is to trigger a continuous dialogue between the company and the customer base, thus generating a process of feedback that will allow the company to know the orientation and the real needs of customers, and ultimately of binding them.


The web marketing (the right one) is not something that you can invent. Online visibility and a good web reputation not achieved overnight.
The results, in most cases, are commensurate with the investments that you make on the web and a good web marketer’s task is to optimize these investments.

Here there are some essential elements for companies that are trying to approach the fantastic world of web marketing.


  1. Choose a contact person (project manager or web marketing manager)
    You do not become experts seo, web and social media marketing for the event.
    If you do not have a competent person in your team, you do not think of improvise yourself or improvise someone to web guru, would mean to smash the project even before the start. Rely on expert hands.
  2. Establish a budget

Once you find the person who will accompany you during (at least) the next year and a half, get help to understand the size of the investment that can guarantee online visibility and build a solid image on the web.
3. Elaborate a strategy of Web marketing medium term
Once you have chosen your contact and set the budget, we move to the most delicate phase. The strategic planning. Try to be forward-looking and give yourself goals, reasoned on an annual or even two years. And above set measurable goals. A strategy with measurable goals will allow you to assess the performance and optimize certain elements in the running.
4. Measure actions
It is possible to know every single click of every single person who visits your site. All you need is web analytics tools.
social-media15. Social media
Often companies who are entering the world of web marketing and start talking about Facebook (for some time)or Twitter and the first proposal is to open a fan page or twitter account. Well, the ability of a good web marketer is to ask them to stop, at least initially. If you have not completed all the above steps are best left aside Social media.

A good Social media marketing strategy in fact is nothing but a natural consequence, the evolution of a proper web marketing strategy and serves to amplify, give the company a human image and improve their web reputation.

So now you have all the right cards to cure the most of your marketing area in the web! And then first it is all well and good to create a website.

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