Why to choose a VPS?

to choose a vps

16How to choose a VPS (virtual private server)? It is a new technology in web hosting that has gained popularity over last couple of years.
Dedicated servers are in online industry for many years and they are popular because of their features and flexibility.

Virtual server consists of a single physical server that is divided into multiple virtual servers while in dedicated server a large server is dedicated to a single website. Dedicated server is mainly used by business websites that have large amount of data that can’t be stored in shared servers.
Sensitive information is also stored in this server and it is placed in the same business organization.

Virtual private servers are present in data centers of the web hosting Provider Company but they can accommodate more data as compared to a dedicated server. Some reasons to choose virtual private server instead of dedicated server are mentioned below:


As virtual server is not a physical one, it is just a portion of a physical server where information is placed virtually.
A single physical server can be divided into multiple small clusters and each cluster represents a virtual server in which different websites can be stored.

Even if this storage space is less than the space that is offered by the dedicated servers, usually it is served from advanced redundant storage systems (iSCSI and RAID). Therefore it is good to use virtual private servers in place of dedicated servers.


In dedicated server, there is huge investment required because it requires lot of hardware and infrastructure.

However, in virtual private server there is no need to worry about hardware because your website is stored on a virtual space. This helps in saving a lot of money that can be used for other things.


Cost is that main concern of many people when it comes to web hosting. In virtual private web hosting the operational coast and cost of hosting is less as compared to dedicated web hosting in which you have to pay for hardware and web hosting.

In dedicated hosting, there is also a need to hire staff that can look over your server and website 24/7. So, VPS hosting is always cheap for hosting your website.


For business websites, security is the main issue as the image of your company is totally dependent on your website. In virtual private servers, security is implemented with the help of data encryption techniques and also there are many different levels of security in this server.

However, in dedicated server, security is the responsibility of the staff that is hired for monitoring server and website. They apply different techniques in order to keep data safe from all squatters and hackers.


to choose a vps

No doubt, the performance of VPS web hosting is better than dedicated web hosting. It is because everything is implemented in clusters and that is why these servers offer maximum uptime, bandwidth and maximum storage space.

However, in dedicated everything is installed in one single server and a single server has to manage a complete website so sometimes its performance many fall down. In short, choosing a virtual private server is the best option for your website and you can see it from the above mentioned discussion.

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